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California Outlook Forum

Visit California's Forum provides a platform for Caliofornia's travel and tourism industry to share mutual successes and strategize a united path forward. Outlook Forum Speakers provided a high level of research, market intelligence and brand expertise.

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Local Associations Gov’t Relations Call

Gov’t & Legal Relations Committee/CHALPAC Meeting

Audit & Investment Committee Meeting

CH&LA Board of Directors Meeting

CH&LA Legislative Action Summit

The California Hotel & Lodging Association (CH&LA), along with our partners, invites you to join us for our 16th Annual CH&LA Lodging Industry Legislative Action Summit (LAS) on March 15, 2017 at the Sutter Club in Sacramento, CA. The LAS highlights will include the opportunity to understand how the legislative process works in Sacramento, what the critical legislative issues facing our industry are this year and how you can influence legislative proposals.

SFSDA Meeting

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Boutique Design West

BDwest was created to deliver a more specialized, more design-focused and more productive trade fair experience for hospitality design professionals

EyeforTravel San Francisco Summit 2017

Join the West Coast's largenst digital conference of 300 + industry leaders.

CABBI Council Meeting

AH&LA Legislative Action Summit

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Local Associations Gov’t Relations Call

Gov’t & Legal Relations Committee/CHALPAC Meeting

California Travel Summit

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CABBI Council Meeting

Gov’t & Legal Relations Committee/CHALPAC Meeting

CABBI Council Meeting

AH&LA Fall Conference & International Hotel/Motel Restaurant Show

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