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AutoClerk - "Yeild Management 101: Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask!"
TripAdvisor - "50 Million Reasons to Get Involved with TripAdvisor"
emTrRAiN - "Top HR Issues to Have on your Radar and the Tools to Address Them"
Constillation Energy - "Ten Energy Related Facts That Can Directly Impact Your REV-PAR"

RezStream - "ADA Website Accessibility Tips"

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The Changing Tipping Culture

This presentation will address the changing culture of tipping at various restaurants in SF and other cities. San Francisco restaurants including Bar Agricole and Tru Normand, along with East Bay restaurants Camino, Comal, and Duende, are abolishing tips in favor of a mandatory 20 percent service charge. Aster is opting to eliminate tips and a service charge altogether, with a plan to raise meal prices. Alimento, a Silver Lake restaurant, is likely the first in the nation to institute a separate line on all checks for discretionary gratuity for the back-of-the-house (kitchen) staff.

California Paid Sick Leave: Preparing for July 1st

Effective July 1, 2015, California employers, regardless of size, must provide eligible employees 24 hours or three paid sick days each year.  While many employers are aware of the requirement to provide paid sick leave, key details of this new law are often overlooked. This webinar will cover the basics of the new law, and address common misconceptions employers have in interpreting the new requirements.  

Current Development in Hotel Franchise Agreements

This webinar will focus on some of the key issues in the latest versions of the major franchisors’ license agreements, including: areas of protection; cyber-attacks and indemnification; liquidated damages; implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing; permitted transfers and issues involving new build provisions (extensions, plan changes, royalties, and post opening capital expenditure ramp ups.)

Bed Bugs: What Can You Do About Them

This webinar will cover the realities of bed bugs including inspection, treatment, and monitoring options. We will also discuss some of the implications of this pest and how you can deal with them.