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AutoClerk - "Yeild Management 101: Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask!"
TripAdvisor - "50 Million Reasons to Get Involved with TripAdvisor"
emTrRAiN - "Top HR Issues to Have on your Radar and the Tools to Address Them"
Constillation Energy - "Ten Energy Related Facts That Can Directly Impact Your REV-PAR"

RezStream - "ADA Website Accessibility Tips"

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Understanding and Dealing with the Challenges of California’s Mandated Water Reductions

This webinar will discuss why and how the drought affects property owners/managers in California and what can be done to minimize the certain financial impact. Faced with these dynamic challenges, this webinar will present what actions property owners and managers can take to understand how much they need to conserve and actions they can take to achieve their mandated reductions.

PCI Update, understanding the latest reports and how to deal with the new PEN test requirements

FREE FOR AH&LA MEMBERS - Please join us for a session covering the recent Trustwave threat assessment report, focusing on mounting threats to the hospitality sector, new vectors and challenges. This report is a compilation of real world data compiled through our dedicate team of security researchers, over two thousand network and application penetration tests and hundreds of forensic investigations conducted last year. Plus a review of the experience of going through the required 'White-Hat' PEN testing from an operators perspective.

Why Hospitality is Now a Science and no Longer an Art

The hospitality Industry is changing by the minute and this creates challenges for hoteliers to keep up with the latest trends. Learn why hospitality is now a science and no longer an art. Operationally, a GM must have traditional hospitality service skills to ensure great reviews, as well as have knowledge of insurance, technology, mobile tech, and service leadership. There are more examples; this is just the tip of the iceberg!