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AutoClerk - "Yeild Management 101: Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask!"
TripAdvisor - "50 Million Reasons to Get Involved with TripAdvisor"
emTrRAiN - "Top HR Issues to Have on your Radar and the Tools to Address Them"
Constillation Energy - "Ten Energy Related Facts That Can Directly Impact Your REV-PAR"

RezStream - "ADA Website Accessibility Tips"

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Top Travel Trends to Attract More Guests in 2017

Join this educational webinar specifically geared for your California B&B! We'll discuss the top travel trends and ideas for attracting more guests to your property in the coming year. We'll also take a look at today's different types of travelers such as international, business and leisure and how you can creatively charm each one. Lastly, we'll examine the best amenities to offer your guests and how utilizing online travel agents can help boost your placement and ranking.

Overview of California’s Mandatory Commercial Organics Law

This webinar will present an overview of California’s Mandatory Commercial Organics Law -- AB 1826, including related goals & policy drivers, hotel requirements & tools, local city/county requirements & resources, and state resources.

Women In Lodging: The Power of Curiosity

The Power of Curiosity will be presented by Annette Gregg, CMM, MBA is VP, West for AlliedPRA.

Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Hospitality Talent

Join Maryellen Adams, Director of Association Partnerships at CareerCo, to uncover smart, innovative ways to engage and recruit the talent you need to drive your business to continued success!

5 Tips on How to Design a Highly-Converting Website

Your website is often times the first place that a potential guest comes in contact with your property. This makes it absolutely crucial that your website is designed to turn lookers into bookers! With that in mind, you want to do everything you can to make sure that your website traffic is translating into revenue. So, how do you make that happen? This webinar is designed to give you five tips on how you can bring traffic to your site and convert that traffic into leads and bookings.