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Our training is created by a group of seasoned employment lawyers, each of whom has more than fifteen years of employment law experience and expert witness experience in harassment and discrimination topics. Further, we collaborate with a team of senior human resource professionals, expert trainers, and instructional course designers to deliver the most relevant, compelling, and memorable learning experience possible.

Course Features:

  • Questions throughout to assess the learners' understanding.
  • Skill-building activities and hypothetical case studies for managers.
  • Videos of workplace scenes and/or pictorial workplace scenes that help learners see the problematic behaviors to avoid.
  • All manager versions include manager's reference guides, tools and checklists
  • A staff of legal experts who will answer your trainees' questions within two business days.
  • Our easy-to-use Learning Management System Dashboard, enabling your administrator to launch and track training efforts.

Our Dashboard

Included in our solution is a Learning Management System called the Dashboard, your tool to manage your training courses. Our Dashboard makes it easy to track and launch training. The Dashboard enables you to securely plan, deploy, and measure your training courses throughout your organization. Using a web interface, the Dashboard provides up-to-the-minute views of your company's training progress.

Our Dashboard makes it quick and easy to:

  • Register users (individually or in groups)
  • Assign training courses
  • Send email notifications and reminders
  • Track progress
  • Generate reports on users, courses, and status
  • Show proof of training compliance
  • Manage training cycles to maintain compliance

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