CH&LA Membership Manager and Icon, Ellen Anderson, to Retire

We have received many emails and calls, saying, “please tell me it isn’t true!”, but yes, yes it is – Ellen Anderson, CH&LA’s Northern CA Membership Manager is retiring at the end of August. Ellen has been with CH&LA for over five years.

Ellen has generated over 230 new members for CH&LA over the years and is known all over Northern California due in part to her great sense of humor, easy going style and her love of costumes. She loves to participate in hospitality golf tournaments so she can wear her golf knickers, fake grass hat with the tee on it and carry her mini sized golf bag handbag. You should have seen Ellen’s excitement when she heard that the Sacramento Hotel Association Annual Hospitality Gala was going to be Super Hero themed! She got out her Wonder Woman costume and attended with a smile and a cape. Ellen is easily the most popular person at these types of events with everyone wanting a photo with her.

CH&LA knows that everyone from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe will miss her, but we here at the office we will miss her the most. She made coming to work fun with a big contagious smile, funny stories and occasionally, a new costume!

"Ellen’s enthusiasm and her success will be missed. We wish her all the best in this next chapter of her life,” said CH&LA President & CEO Lynn S. Mohrfeld, CAE.

Here is a recap of her last five years!