Peggy Mosley Industry Champion Award

The Peggy Mosley Innkeeper of the Year Award honors the memory and accomplishments of CABBI founding member and CH&LA Hall of Fame inductee Peggy Mosley. This award is given to outstanding CH&LA or CABBI innkeeper(s), owner(s) or manager(s) who have demonstrated professionalism in operating a CH&LA or CABBI member property, and have taken a leadership role in our industry and in his or her community. This award will be presented to someone who embodies the spirit of hospitality, sets the standard for customer service and contributes to the economic climate in his or her community. (Nominations for this category can be made for an individual, a couple, or one group of family members from the same small property.)



Rick Anderson, former Owner of Casa Tropicana, San Clemente 


Jim & Carol Beazley, The Beazley House Bed & Breakfast, Napa