California Hotel & Lodging Political Action Committee

CHALPAC-Logo2014CHALPAC (California Hotel & Lodging Political Action Committee) is sponsored by the California Hotel & Lodging Association. CHALPAC receives contributions from individuals and businesses interested in the welfare of California’s lodging industry. Funds received are contributed to support those candidates who show the most promise of being beneficial to the interests of this state’s lodging industry. Committee Identification #7760808

This voluntary contribution provides the most direct means for you to influence what happens to the lodging industry, and to your business, in California. The suggested contribution is $3 per room – any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.



CHALPAC acts in accordance with all relevant campaign laws and reporting requirements. Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes. Contributions will be used for a political purpose. CHALPAC does not spend any funds in connection with federal elections or for federal electioneering communications.