Certifications and Education

For over 50 years, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AH&LEI) has been the source for providing industry-tested, research-driven hospitality training resources. AH&LEI continues to meet and exceed its education and training mission by using the Internet, videos, DVD’s, textbooks, study guides, seminars, and professional certification to train all levels of personnel.

Certification Programs

AH&LA’s Educational Institute certifies the best and brightest in the industry, recognizing both operational and managerial expertise, from line-level, department level to the top executive level with 40 designations in all. Promote certification throughout your organization at all levels and know with confidence that they possess the skills required to be tops in the hospitality industry.  CH&LA would like to congratulate and welcome professionals in California who passed their certification exams!   Click here for more information on the various certifications available from the AH&LA Educational Institute.

Online Learning Tools

CH&LA Members who are also members of AH&LA receive discounts on educational materials through AH&LEI.  Non-member pricing is also available.  Click here for more information.

High Schools / Other Educational Institutions

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Program (HTMP) is the official industry recognized curriculum to prepare students for roles in the hospitality industry and beyond. 

In addition to the HTMP program, AH&LEI offers the Skills, Tasks and Results Training (START) program, perfect as the introductory class for hotel operations.  The START program is offered in over 400 high schools and community colleges.

Also recommended as a basic course in excellent customer service, and easily integrated into any existing curriculum is Guest Service Gold.  The program is designed to accomplish the goal of creating guest service-oriented line level employees who know how to engage with their guests to provide memorable guest service.


Workforce Training

Guest Service Gold


If you would like general information about how to get started with these programs in California, please contact Susan Ragatz, Education Director at susan@calodging.com.