AB32: Are you in Compliance?

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Large cooling and refrigeration systems have been identified as significant contributors to the emission of high global warming/ozone depleting substances into the atmosphere.

  • The AB32 mandate was passed in 2010 and took effect in 2012.
  • The SCAQMB Rule 1415 was amended in 2010 and extends coverage to include comfort cooling in the South Coast Air Quality Management District.
  • Compliance reporting begins March 2013.
  • Fines for being out of compliance can be significant.
  • How can properties prepare themselves for this? You need to have a complete, compliant-ready audit of your cooling and refrigeration systems including acquisition dates, manufacturer’s information, maintenance schedules & records, technician certifications as well as any refrigerant acquisitions/disbursements/inventories regarding those systems.
  • How can Polar Technology and CH&LA help? CH&LA, through Polar Technology is offering TrakRef® refrigerant and system management & tracking software that provides compliant reporting and reports.
  • Who should attend this seminar? Anyone that has managerial authority in a hotel’s maintenance and engineering areas as well as those who have compliance-related responsibilities at the hotel or property owner level.

Learn how to prepare yourself!

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