Back to Basics: The Importance of Revisiting Food Service Fundamentals

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F&B has become a leading factor in developing a hotel’s personality, creating a sense of arrival and destination, and differentiating outstanding properties. That said, what are the tried and true fundamentals that operators should stay focused on?

This presentation will include:

  • Understanding specific hotel demographics & their needs
  • Awareness of citywide events and conferences
  • Food and Beverage integrated into hotel culture
  • Food and Beverage amenities as representative of both the restaurant and the hotel
  • Meeting and exceeding service expectations from guests
  • Utilizing staff interaction as extensions of brand and cultural resource
  • Banquets & catering as a driver of revenue

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Webinar presented by:

Rafe Gabel, VP of Restaurant Operations, Puccini Group - Rafe Gabel is the restaurant business operations expert behind San Francisco-based hospitality firm Puccini Group’s award-winning, fully integrated hospitality projects.

With over 20 years of experience, Rafe has driven results on projects with innovative dining establishments around the world, including Big 4 Restaurant, Duende, and Hayden’s Post Restaurant, as well as in-house restaurants for Marker Hotel and Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park. Each of his operations projects are tailored to the client’s specific strengths and weaknesses, ensuring each restaurant team is properly equipped for efficiency and success.

He has brought that exceptional talent for optimizing restaurant productivity to the Puccini Group’s Operations Studio where he oversees the seamless integration of detailed hospitality project information into his strategy to determine effective processes for restaurant operations. With Rafe's role at the core of the firm's dynamic collection of four in-house studios, challenges the conventional notion of interior design, offering 360-degree services to some of the world’s most celebrated bars, hotels and resorts.