Conflict Resolution: Lets Clear the Air!

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As much as 60% of your time as a manager or supervisor can be spent dealing with conflict...or the consequences of avoiding it or addressing it ineffectively. Conflict is going to happen, even in the best of organizations or relationships. How well are you prepared to deal with it? You can improve your conflict resolution skills by applying the simple, yet effective, techniques and methods presented in this session.


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Judy King - Judy King is a certified conflict mediator for Quality Management Services. Leading edge and emerging organizations, from large to small in both the private and public sectors, have benefited from Judy’s expert assistance in change management, customer service, facilitation, leadership and staff development, operational training and quality assurance, process improvement, strategic planning, and team building.  She designed and developed a management training program for Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., which was directed at maximizing revenue and the loyalty of guests and staff. Judy has served as a highly effective change agent and facilitated the development of organizational infrastructures that work.