Counseling, Disciplining, and Terminations - Best Practices for Avoiding Risks

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Disciplining employees is a difficult part of supervision and management and one that no manager wants to face. However, when it is necessary, employers need to know how to do it properly, effectively - and legally. Join HR Ideas for an educational webinar where you'll learn best practices for disciplining, counseling and, if necessary, terminating an employee. We'll discuss:

  • What "At Will" employment really means
  • How to set realistic expectations and set your employees up for success
  • Proper documentation and record keeping practices
  • Best approaches to protect your business against wrongful termination lawsuits

HR Ideas partners with businesses to help protect their profitability, minimize risk and exposures, and manage their day-to-day human resource needs. As specialists in state, federal and local employment law and compliance requirements, HR Ideas provides a comprehensive suite of services, including human resources, safety, recruiting, and training. For over ten years, HR Ideas has helped businesses of all sizes manage the complexities of HR and employment regulations - allowing them to increase their productivity and focus on the core of their business. 

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Webinar presented by:

Deisy Bach is the founder and President of HR Ideas, Inc. Founded in 2001, HR Ideas has been providing outsourced human resources and safety solutions – specializing in the hospitality sector – to a wide range of businesses throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.  A leading figure in the HR community and seasoned speaker, Ms. Bach is a twenty year veteran in the human resources field and is credited with the successful development and implementation of several HR and safety-related solutions, techniques and strategies that are currently used by her clients.