Accessible Elements in Hospitality for Hotels & Lodging

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Join CH&LA for a one-day seminar that will present a deep dive into the important issues concerning accessibility in hotels. This advanced accessibility training seminar will feature a certified access specialist (CASp) who will provide vital information about the many diverse accessibility elements in your property. This seminar will also address accessibility issues concerning the Americans Disability Act (ADA). Hotel properties have recently become a target of attorneys filing accessibility lawsuits. Make sure your property is up to code and learn what to look out for to avoid any potential lawsuits.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: This session will provide an overview of elements found in hotels, motels, inns, and restaurants, along with their scoping and technical requirements for access. These are one of the more involved building types. Not only do guest rooms have a myriad of parameters but there are many diverse elements, each with their own set of requirements, found within one facility. It is not unusual to find retail and restaurants, pools and fitness rooms, business and banquet facilities, not to mention valet service and hotel shuttles, for even more complexity. We will also review some elements of barrier removal and what needs to be done even if no construction is planned.


  • Understand technical and scoping parameters for guest rooms with communication and mobility features, and non-mobility rooms
  • Review requirements regarding pools, spas, and fitness centers
  • Learn about retail, restaurant, and other elements often-times found in hotels, motels, and inns
  • Overview bathroom requirements within guest rooms and what needs to be provided

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