Facebook: The Basics and Beyond

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Whether you’re a Facebook believer or not, the social site has become a part of all successful marketing strategies. Having a Facebook page today is almost as important as a website. But where do you begin? And how does anyone have time for it? In this members-only webinar we will be going over the basics of setting up your Facebook page, tips on content management, and some helpful tricks for gaining “likes” and making Facebook work for your property.


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Speaker: Jenn Wheaton is the Marketing Manager and the Program Coordinator for CH&LA and CABBI. She has been in the hospitality industry for over two years and in the marketing and social media industry for just over four years. Previously, Ms. Wheaton has been the social media manager for a California state board, a pizza franchise and several other small businesses. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from California State University, Sacramento and did her senior independent study project on Social Media Marketing.