Hotel Council of San Francisco Hotel Heroes

Event Details

Welcome to the Hotel Hero Awards! Hospitality is the largest industry in San Francisco, yet until the Hotel Hero Awards there was no ceremony to celebrate this fact and honor the employees who make this industry so special and such an interesting place to work. Ten years ago, Chip Conley, Founder & CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality determined that it was time for the industry to get together to celebrate our achievements and to recognize people who have made outstanding commitments to the industry. What began as a dream is now a San Francisco tradition! The Hotel Council of San Francisco and the Hotel Heroes Steering Committee of industry professionals are pleased to continue keeping Chip’s vision alive, and strive to achieve these three primary objectives:

  • Highlight hospitality as a noble and well recognized career
  • Feature and recognize some of the industry's top local performers.
  • Create a night where the hotel industry comes together to celebrate our successes

The awards are presented to those dedicated individuals whose generosity of spirit, unstinting devotion to their hotels and guests, and hard work, continue to make San Francisco “Everybody’s Favorite City”.

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