Hoteliers and Cost Segregation: Hidden Tax Deductions You Didn’t Know You Had

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As a business and, or Real Estate owner your tax burden can often be a burden and a discouraging necessity. This webinar will help illuminate opportunities to reduce your tax burden on your hotel, simply by identifying in detail the hidden assets within your building. 

The presentation will cover the following:

  • Review Extension & Modification of Bonus Depreciation
  • Understand PATH ACT Extension of 15-year recovery for Leaseholds, Restaurants & Retail
  • New Category: Qualified IMPROVEMENT Property
  • Review key points related to buildings for tangible property regulations & dispositions
  • Define cost segregation and its usefulness
  • Understand the history and its usefulness
  • Understand the history and development of cost segregation
  • How to identify opportunities to use these items

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Webinar presented by:

Rhett Gagon, Business Development, Cost Segregation Authority - Rhett Gagon is the Director of Business Development for Cost Segregation Authority in Southern California. He has been saving business owners and hoteliers hundreds of thousands each year through education and introduction to the IRS approved tax strategy known as Cost Segregation. Cost Segregation Authority is an industry leader in all things depreciation, including PATH Act under the previous administration and what is recent and relevant in Washington today.