Innkeeping as a Profession

Event Details

Spend two days immersed in the bed & breakfast industry
This informative and inspirational seminar is a unique opportunity to step behind the scenes and hear what it's like to run a quality bed & breakfast or boutique inn. Come prepared! Have in mind your most pressing questions. There is ample time scheduled for questions, answers and one-on-one discussions.

Meet seasoned innkeepers
Innkeepers from all over the state come to share their insights and help you learn from their experiences. Hear their stories about running different types of inns- large and small, urban and rural, upscale and down-home - and how they manage daily operations, market their inns, and find the time to balance their business and personal lives.

Talk with industry professionals
Your realtor, accountant and banker will all be important allies along your path. Representatives of these professions will present structured panel workshops and then join you at lunch to continue the conversation. You will learn about how to finance and purchase an inn, and the laws and regulations that would pertain to you.

Do all your research in one place
We do all the legwork and bring you the expert sources on the thriving B&B industry in California: the innkeepers and the industry professionals who support them. Why settle for one opinion when you can hear several.

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