Practical Strategies to Create a Stronger Safety Culture

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The safety record of any business is a reflection of its safety culture. Attendees will learn the secrets to creating and maintaining a strong safety culture where workers prioritize safety, and take pride in their safety record. They will learn the seven components that make a culture strong and encourage workers to support and buy-in to the concept of an injury free workplace. Additionally, they will learn how to implement strategies that allow good organizations to sustain a strong safety culture indefinitely

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Joe StevensJoe Stevens - Mr. Stevens founded Bridge Safety Consultants in 2003 to provide recommendations and advice to organizations of all types to help them to create a stronger safety culture. Having worked as an executive for outstanding companies such as Procter and Gamble and Johnson and Johnson, Mr. Stevens saw firsthand the benefits of positive cultures. He has always believed the job of management is provide resources, encouragement, and integrity that will allow workers to achieve their maximum potential. Motivation comes from within, but stronger the support, the better chance that individuals will achieve success.