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AutoClerk - "Yeild Management 101: Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask!"
TripAdvisor - "50 Million Reasons to Get Involved with TripAdvisor"
emTrRAiN - "Top HR Issues to Have on your Radar and the Tools to Address Them"
Constillation Energy - "Ten Energy Related Facts That Can Directly Impact Your REV-PAR"

RezStream - "ADA Website Accessibility Tips"

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Why the Hospitality Industry Needs to Consider Cyber Insurance

Come learn the “Top 5 reasons why Hospitality Clients need Cyber Insurance”. With each passing day, there is another cyber breach, causing many hotels and hotel management firms six and even seven figure losses. From credit card companies’ fees, to notifications, to forensic costs, a cyber breach can cause irreparable harm upon the Hospitality Industry. This seminar will explore these reasons, along with recent case studies, to help educate why cyber liability insurance is vital to your overall risk and insurance management portfolio. This course will also detail what do to in the event of a breach, and the steps recommended to help mitigate further loss....

How Smart Devices are Cutting Hotel Energy Costs

The average U.S. hotel/motel spends $2,196 per guest room on energy each year, but reducing these costs can be accomplished. Zen Ecosystems CEO, James McPhail will discuss how hotel stakeholders can use the latest IoT devices and technology to simply and effectively reduce energy use and benefit the bottom line. 

Understanding Yield Management Strategies

The lodging industry has continued to evolve. It's more important than ever to analyze the way you are operating your business and pricing your rooms. There is a big opportunity to increase your revenue if you can better understand the demand your business experiences. Join E Scot Fuller-Beatty, Sr. Account Manager at ThinkReservations and Innkeeper/Owner of The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast in Portland, Maine, as he walks you through various strategies of yield management. This presentation will teach you through examples, help you better understand your reports, and even discuss how you can make OTAs work for you.

Drive More Direct Bookings

We will share the proven tactics for driving more direct bookings. We'll share 5 actions you can do today to drive more direct bookings, including the power of your website home page, how social media truly can drive bookings, how to properly use a newsletter to drive bookings, partner packages that work and what OTAs can’t do but you can!

Back to Basics: The Importance of Revisiting Food Service Fundamentals

F&B has become a leading factor in developing a hotel’s personality, creating a sense of arrival and destination, and differentiating outstanding properties. That said, what are the tried and true fundamentals that operators should stay focused on?