Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Event Details

Its Required By Law
Assembly Bill 1825 requires all California employers with 50 or more employees to provide two hours of sexual harassment avoidance training to all supervisors once every two years. New supervisors must receive training within six months of hiring.

The Training Program
This interactive training specifically designed for the lodging industry meets all requirements of the law. Information, guidance and practical examples, all tailored to the lodging industry, will be used to instruct in the prevention and avoidance of sexual harassment in the workplace. All attendees will receive reference materials and a certificate of completion.


The Presenter
The Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is presented by Jim Abrams, Member Legal Advisor of the California Hotel & Lodging Association. As an active member of the State Bar, Jim has practiced law for 30 years and is a noted expert on legal, legislative, and regulatory issues of the lodging industry. He has represented numerous owners and operators of lodging properties, from large hotels to inns and bed& breakfast properties, on a wide variety of issues. Jim Abrams is also the author of Laws Pertaining to the California Innkeeper, the premier legal reference publication for the lodging industry.


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