SoLoMo – The Future of Promotion

Event Details

Want to learn more about social, local, and mobile channels and the importance of integrating SoLoMo into your online marketing strategy?  In this webinar on SoLoMo, we will be sharing information about each channel and practical tips on how to integrate social, local and mobile strategies to increase visibility for your website and online presence. Here is a quick summary of topics included in the webinar:

• The Ultimate Goal – how to saturate all search channels
• Social Channel Overview – why is social marketing important?
• Local Channel Overview – why is local marketing important?
• Mobile Channel Overview – why is mobile marketing important?
• Integrating SoLoMo – Why & How?

Speaker Bio:

Tammie Carlisle is a 15 year hospitality industry veteran. She brings an extensive hospitality sales and marketing background to “Milestone Internet Marketing” and is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships for Milestone with hospitality clients and industry associations in the Western US. Prior to joining the Milestone team, Tammie was a Milestone client for five years as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Silicon Valley Hotels. She was known for her ability to outperform her competition in both offline and online revenues. Tammie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from University of California Santa Cruz.