Top HR Issues To Have On Your Radar and the Tools to Address Them

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Top HR Issues to have on your Radar - Webinar

Join us as we highlight the riskiest HR issues for hospitality this year and some solutions that can mitigate your risk. 

We'll cover current wage and hour risks as well as the risks from potential harassment and discrimination claims and what could happen if you fail to accommodate an ADA claim. 

Webinar participants will receive a complimentary wage and hour policy course that they can implement with their staff that includes policy on wage and hour issues and explains the employer's policy on tracking time.


Janine Yancey, a labor and employment lawyer, has trained managers and employees on workplace issues for over 20 years and has conducted thousands of workshops ranging from small focused workshops for Boards of Directors to training conducted in an auditorium for hundreds of workers at a time.  Janine has been certified as an expert witness by both California and federal courts on the topic of workplace training and investigations.  Over the years, Janine made the determination that some training should be streamlined and put online, which ultimately led to Janine founding emTRAiN in 2000.