Doing More Than Getting By:  Cultivating the Skills that make Managing Work and Life More Meaningful

Event Details

So many of us are managing work and managing life, but not always with the greatest ease, effectiveness or enjoyment.  Many of us are are trying to do too much, avoiding the hard stuff, or moving too fast to enjoy it.  We are also trying to do what’s expected, managing stress as best we can, and working towards visions of success that we think make sense.

Tune in this webinar, lead by InBalance Coaching’s Maura Wolf where she will:

  • Articulate the particular skills that managing work and life better require,
  • Help listeners assess the specific challenges facing them right now, and
  • Design strategies for cultivating greater awareness and skill to better manage work and life.

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Speaker Bio: For the past 20 years Maura has supported people to make better decisions through coaching and leadership training.  She has listened extensively to people as they have talked about the significant decisions they have made, and the things they have learned from those decisions. Currently a teacher in the Leadership Studies Department at Saint Mary’s College, she has helped to develop leadership programs for dozens of higher education and non-profit organizations.  A presenter of hundreds of workshops and author of dozens of articles, her focus has been on what she calls, Everyday Leadership: making the choices that reflect our deepest values.  She is a yoga instructor and a mother of two.  In addition to teaching, she is a coach with InBalance Coaching (  Her next book, What Matters Most: Everyday Leadership at Home, Work and in the World is due out in October 2014.