2015 Compensation Survey

The CH&LA Compensation Survey includes information from close to 400 participants representing nine area and 52 specific sub-markets for 38 key management, salaried, and hourly jobs. Results are reported statewide as well, providing you with timely data on hiring rates and average compensation in the most comprehensive survey for the California lodging industry.


CH&LA has partnered with WageWatch, Inc., the leading Web-based compensation and benefits survey company, to conduct this statewide survey of the hotel industry.  We are pleased to have been involved with WageWatch from the first design step so our members can benefit from both the type of information that WageWatch will provide as well as the ease of participating in the survey and obtaining the results.

WageWatch Subscription:

$150 for limited service
$400 full-service hotel
CH&LA member receive a 10% discount!

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For more information, contact Travis Pullen at WageWatch toll-free at (888) 330-9243 or via email at tpullen@wagewatch.com.

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