The California Hotel & Lodging Association produces and participates in many types of events for the benefit of our members and the industry.  From speaking at local industry meetings to statewide conferences, CH&LA seeks to educate and inform the lodging industry on the latest issues and opportunities.

We’re always adding educational events to keep the industry updated, so please be sure to keep checking back!

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"CH&LA's seminar series, Disaster Preparedness, was very timely and provided industry-specific examples, crisis planning, and opened up a dialogue with emergency planning personnel that was invaluable to those in attendance."

Jim Kelly
Regional Director, Loss Prevention
Marriott International


Local Associations Gov’t Relations Call

Hotel California – Mo Music, Mo Problems

Does your hotel have music (recorded, live, or even the background jingle of a TV program)? The answer is likely yes. Music enhances the guest experience, but also comes with certain licensing requirements and risks. Please join us for this webinar, which will provide an explanation of music copyright and licensing best practices for the hospitality industry. 

Gov’t & Legal Relations Committee/CHALPAC Meeting

Hotel ROI Los Angeles

Hotel ROI events are a fresh, fast-paced series that are built to inform, inspire and give action to insights that can be implemented as soon as you return to the office. Hotel ROI is a series of one-day conferences that will focus on the critical issues in local markets and provide clear and actionable insights to challenges from experts that will help you drive profitability from your hotel assets. 

SFSDA Monthly Luncheon

This month's meeting Steven Vargas, CFE, Area Director, Safety & Security will be hosting and our speaker will be Mark Hernandez, A.L.E.R.T. Program Coordinator for the SFPD. 

California Travel Summit

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Resilience and Microgrids in the Hospitality Industry

Increasingly, facilities are having to deal with the consequences of an aging electric grid - from brownouts to blackouts. Even properties with stable grid power are seeing dramatic utility rate increases and trying to figure out how to be more independent of the grid. In this webinar, we will review what it means to operate a microgrid and provide a brief overview of the current energy technologies on the market. Based on Regatta's experience with solar, battery storage and cogeneration, we will talk about how alternative technologies can work together to reduce bills, help the bottom line and make hotels more resilient.

CABBI Council Meeting

SFSDA Meeting

Jason P. Brown, Fisher & Phillips LLP will be covering "Cannabis and the workplace: preparing for recreational use in 2017."

CH&LA Board of Directors Meeting

SAFE - Security Alliance Forum & Expo

Join California hospitality professionals for a full day of security training and updates. This one-day conference is jam-packed with networking, education and a security expo that will showcase products and services for security professionals

Gov’t & Legal Relations Committee/CHALPAC Meeting

CABBI Council Meeting

AH&LA Fall Conference & International Hotel/Motel Restaurant Show

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